Cold Weather Records

Eman Habib, Frostbite Expert

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It’s is so cold in the Midwest you can get a frostbite in just minutes.
Temperatures dropped below zero in States like Chicago and Minnesota this week. About 212
million people, which is about 72% of the US population, will witness this dramatic drop in the
course of this week. This effected Chicago the most with a low of 27 below zero on Thursday
morning. Flights and trains are cancelled. Mail delivery is also cancelled in Michigan, Indiana,
North Dakota, South Dakota, and parts of Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, and
Nebraska. All state offices in Michigan were closed on Wednesday due to inclement weather.
Wind chills in Minnesota came close to negative 70. Meteorologist Dave Hennen described it as
the “coldest air in a generation.” At least five deaths that have been recorded are because of
the severe weather. A man in Minnesota died outside his house on Sunday because he was
unable to enter his relatives home.