Netflix Price Increase

Julia Booth, Netflix Addict

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On January 15 th , the popular video-streaming company, Netflix, announced that it will be raising
its prices for their 58 million U.S. customers and about 40 Latin American Countries. This is the
fourth time Netflix has raised their prices since its streaming services first launched, and the
news has already sent the company’s stock up 6.5%.
Netflix’s cheapest plan will cost $9, its most popular HD standard plan will cost $13, and its 4k
premium plan will cost $16. This price chance will hit new customers immediately, while ones
who already pay will have the new prices exchanged over the next three months.
This increase in price is brought about to help Netflix as it continues to roll out more original
content of movies and tv shows, which already include “Stranger Things”, “Orange is The New
Black” and one of the newest films “Bird Box”. This price change also appears to show concern
over streaming service competition and slowing growth within Netflix. These newer prices will
also move the company closer to what other competitors such as HBO or Amazon Prime offer.
While the new prices still seem cheaper than their competitors, in the past these changes have
convinced some subscribers to cancel their service altogether, and as these are the highest
prices have been for the streaming service, backlash is likely to occur.

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