Soulja Boy’s Gaming Schemes

Soulja Boys Gaming Schemes

Collin Cardot, Supaman

Soulja Boy, a.k.a. Big Gucci Soulja, has reappeared in the news recently. On an
Instagram Live video, he claimed he had the biggest comeback in 2018. He went on to respond
to the viewers who claimed the biggest comeback of 2018 belonged to one “Tyga.” Big Gucci
Soulja was not pleased with this. However, this is not even the greatest of his headlines. Soulja
Boy has released many new consoles, the newest of which, being the SouljaGame Handheld.
This may sound inspiring, but Soulja Boy’s consoles have gotten him into big trouble. Nintendo
contacted Soulja Boy due to copyright claims. One may ask, how can Nintendo claim Soulja
Boy’s own console? That is because Soulja Boy just loads R.O.M.s (basically the games are
preloaded onto the device.) of Nintendo games onto his devices. It’s also worth noting that
Soulja marks down his consoles the second they go on sale. After the pressure from Nintendo,
Soulja pulled all his devices, however he still has a mock PSP on his website for a mere ninety-
nine dollars.