Eternal Toto

Brady Bush, Drummer for Toto

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German-Namibian artist, Max Siedentopf, has started a new project to serve as
homage to Toto’s legendary hit, “Africa.” He plans to construct this sculpture in the
Namib Desert on the West coast of South Africa.
He plans to use solar panels to power the MP3 player and the 6 speakers
connected to it in order to play “Africa” for literal eternity. He plans to leave it there and
never turn it off.
The international hit by Toto was initially released in 1982, and instantly became
a renowned anthem. However, this song is definitely not forgotten in modern culture.
The song continues to be referenced in pop culture on a daily basis and is also played
at various events, such as sporting events and talent competitions.
According to Siedentopf, he felt the only place worthy of his exhibition was in
Africa, but more specifically in the secluded Namib desert. He even goes as far as to
hide the location from the public, saying that only “the most loyal of Toto fans can find

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