Netflix 2019


Collin Cardot, Binge Watcher

Netflix has been on somewhat of a roll lately, two of the original movies created by the
streaming service have hit big. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a very unique movie, it allows the
watcher to make choices for the character which has many people raving. It is special for Netflix
because interactive movies are much harder to pirate and it causes for much better fan
engagement. I myself played it and hope for another movie like it. Another Netflix original
which has taken the world by storm is Birdbox, this movie follows Sandra Bullock and her two
children as they try to escape monsters who, if you look at them, will make you kill yourself..
Birdbox was said to have forty-five MILLION views first week, and this number doesn’t even
account for people watching the movie more than once. Netflix was definitely trying for an
Oscar award, through the years Netflix has hired many Oscar nominated directors, and this time
might work. Netflix has been nominated for Academy awards since 2014, but now might be its
best shot to win. In the past Netflix has won documentary awards and even best supporting
actress last year. However, Birdbox is eligible amongst a record breaking three hundred and
forty-seven films. It first premiered at AFL Fest and then had a limited premiere where helps the
newer streaming services gain Oscar eligibility.