Dangerous Crickets

Brady Bush, Cricket Hater

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Back in 2016, the government employees at the US Embassy in Cuba, reported
something very strange. Several employees started getting migraines, feeling nauseous all the
time, and losing hearing due to constant high-pitched noises in the office. When these diplomats
went to medical professionals, tests and exams showed that the employees had, in fact,
suffered actual, physical brain damage. Scientists were boggled by it.
For years, nobody knew how to explain this bizarre occurrence. People started
conspiracy theories that the embassy was under some sort of directed sonic attack.
Recently, however, new research has led US scientists to believe that the cause of
these symptoms was the call of an indigenous Caribbean cricket. The cricket makes short, high-
pitched calls that are nearly identical to the noise the diplomats heard. However, scientists still
wonder how the American diplomats are the only ones suffering the consequences for the
cricket noises, and not the locals too.
Despite this research, scientists admit that there is no solid evidence that backs up any
theory. Yes, the brain injuries could be due to crickets, but scientists do not want to rule out the
possibility of a sonic attack and even concede that the brain injuries could have been caused by
something else all together.

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