2018 Holiday Gift Ideas!


All of Us!, Expert Gift-Givers

Here’s a list to help you out this holiday season-gifts for every price range, curated by our staff! Each staff member is listed before their suggestions, and some even mentioned what they wanted-so if you’re looking for a gift for one of our reporters, this is your one-stop-shop!

Under $10:

(Emma Coons) For only $9, you can get into the Memphis Zoo’s Zoo Lights which is always fun galore. You can see all the animals that are out and participate in endless photo-ops.


(Hayley Royal) Who wouldn’t want a perfectly sized and mediocrely wrapped burrito full of all your favorite fix-ins? To make it even better, this deal comes with chips and salsa too. Get a Homewrecker Junior Burrito from Moe’s ($7.25)!


(Brady Bush) For $10, you can grab yourself Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Soft Waves Sea Salt Spray. This product is a life saver for my hair! Even when your hair is at it’s flattest, this spray will liven up your hair, giving it a nice volume and wave at any time of the day! Just a quick spray and you’re ready to go!


(Julia Booth) For $9.99, this mug could be an amazing edition for any mug collection. It has a cute paw like mug for a cat lover.


(Blakely Harrison) For under $10, grab these music playing cards! These playing cards are perfect for any music or card games plan. A few of the faces on the cards include Beyonce, Prince, Bob Dylan, Freddie Mercury, and more!


(Eman Habib) For less than $10, you can grab a Dad Jokes Book! I love a good laugh, especially with my family and friends. This book would be perfect for breaking the ice at any family reunion or get together.


(Collin Cardot) If I was buying for myself this year, the first gift I would buy for myself is that I would donate this money to a charity, all though the amount is small every donation helps.


(Lauren Beickert) For $9.95, you can buy a Santa bath bomb that has a blend of cocoa, vanilla, and bergamot.


(Addison Nixon) If you have a $5.95 diffuser you’re very smart. If you don’t-get one. With these Christmas scents your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or bathroom will smell like a Christmas morning!


Under $100:

(Emma Coons) For $47.93, you can look just like Stefon from Weekend Update! Get yourself a costume for an upcoming party or everyday wear!



(Hayley Royal) With a gift like this you could bring your entire newspaper class lunch. Just like the burrito fix-in wise, this selection comes in a bowl and is stacked high with all your favorites. Grab 10 orders of Nachos with chicken ($80.00)!


(Brady Bush) For $65, snatch yourself some Fila Disrupter Sneakers. These trendy new sneakers are a must have for a low price! This is your ticket to the highest tears of internet fashion!


(Julia Booth) This $100 blanket would be beyond cozy for a cold, winter day with its chunky knitted yarn. Plus, it would be a super stylish blanket for any couch or bed!


(Blakely Harrison) For only $75 you can get an hour-long photoshoot with Blakely Harrison! What would be a better gift than photographs of a loved one!

Contact @blakelyhphotos on Instagram!

(Eman Habib) For less than $100, get this Countertop Citrus Juicer! The Countertop Citrus Juicer is a very convenient kitchen item. Instead of struggling to squeeze a lemon or an orange, this juicer is guaranteed to get every last drop without you having to put much effort.


(Collin Cardot) My next gift comes in at $60, “Red Dead Redemption 2” is the hottest game of this year. Rockstar Games not only rolled out a great story mode, but the online just came out and everyone is raving. As an extra bonus all my friends have this game too, so if you’re feeling generous, send it my way! Otherwise any teenage (or even adult) guy out there is looking for this this season.


(Lauren Beickert) For just $49.95, you can have your very own cardboard Shrek cutout. This would make the perfect addition to any room, and friends and family would love it.


(Addison Nixon) Grab a Large Orthopedic Dog Bed for $72.99. This a great gift because dogs deserve the best and it’s perfect for all dogs. And if you don’t have a dog, I bet it’s pretty comfortable for humans too!


Under $1000:

(Emma Coons) For $890, to show off that you have $890, you can flaunt some new Gucci branded tennis shoes. If you want these to flaunt your money to catch a man (or lady), snatch ‘em quick, because cuffing season ends soon.


(Hayley Royal) For a perfect combo-a shindig with your eight closest besties AND enough Moe’s to fill two tables. This package provides a meat of your choice and all kinds of fun toppings to generate a perfect salad. Cater a party with 80 friends with a salad bar catered by Moe’s ($980)!


(Brady Bush) For $1000, you’ve got to get Ariana Grande VIP Passes. Tickets to see my queen, Ariana Grande would actually make my year. Being able to meet her as well would be a great added bonus!


(Julia Booth) This super cool robot vacuum cleaner is only $279 and works with wifi and an alexa. I would love this robot vacuum cleaner because it would help clean and could be a cute little friend in the house.


(Blakely Harrison) Get someone a one-way plane ticket to Italy. Your friend or loved one will love to be able to experience the culture of Italy. A perfect gift would be giving someone the experience to get to become familiar with a new country. (They’ll have to figure out their own way home…)


(Eman Habib) For less than $1000, grab someone tickets to see the Bruno Mars 24k Magic Tour! I love Bruno Mars and would love to see him in person. Going to his concert in Las Vegas on December 30th and standing only feet away from him would be a dream come true. (So send these my way;)


(Collin Cardot) For my gift under 1000 dollars, I would buy myself and my friend flight tickets ($241) to Houston and V.I.P. tickets to our favorite artist, Playboi Carti. V.I.P. The floor cost $450, Hotels near the center for one night is $239. This brings us to a grand total of $930.


(Lauren Beickert) If you don’t want to get up from your bed to go get a drink, you don’t have to anymore, because for $199.99, you can buy a light blue retro mini fridge to put your drinks and snacks in.


(Addison Nixon) If you are a teenager or have a teenager, get this Sony Action Camera with Balanced Optical Steady Shot +32GB Outdoor adventure Mounting Bundle for $379! Kids these days LOVE to vlog and with this bundle package they can vlog in any conditions, thus granting them more views!


No Limit:

(Emma Coons) If you’ve got all the money in the world to spend, get the gift for an older relative that’ll keep on giving even after their gone. For $28,000, Cryogenically Freeze your relative after death so in a thousand years when we have the technology, they can come back and thank you for that awesome gift!


(Hayley Royal) The ultimate gift for any Moe’s superfan, a purchase of Moe’s franchise (a minimum financial net worth of $1.5 million and liquidity of $600,000) ensures a lifetime of burritos. In addition this is the gift that keeps on giving as with it you can bestow upon your community the treasure of Moe’s.


(Brady Bush) College is really expensive and I’m really not trying to be riddled with student loans. Paying my college tuition would really help me out! This price varies, but be sweet and help me out:)


(Julia Booth) For an infinite amount of money, a Massage Envy card is the way to go. True relaxation is sometimes expensive but with this gift card, I can easily go to the spa or get a massage.


(Blakely Harrison) If money is no object for your gift, rent out the louvre for a night! It is about $11,000 for a private tour with 50 people, but it will cost up to $36,000 to rent out the reception hall beneath the glass pyramid. Imagine the instagrams possible if it is only you and your friends at the Louvre! You could easily channel your inner Beyonce and Jayz like in their music video filmed at the Louvre.


(Eman Habib) Get a beach house! My family and I enjoy going to the beach. A beach house would be very much appreciated and loved by all of us.


(Collin Cardot) For my unlimited buy, I would buy ownership of the Memphis Grizzlies which at 2010 cost around 266 million dollars. The Grizzlies have been my favorite team for my whole life and, owning them would be a dream come true for me or any other Grizzlies fan!


(Lauren Beickert) For $14,500, you can buy a personal sauna shaped like a clam that allows you to lie down while infrared lamps provide soothing heat.


(Addison Nixon) This Diamond Pacifier for $17,000 is the most perfect gift for your baby or you best friend or your spouse. No explanation why this is the perfect gift.