Cameo’s Ups and Downs

Cameos Ups and Downs

Hayley Royal, Reporter

Cameo is a website that allows celebrities to make personalized shoutouts to a fan for a fee. These short, customizable clips are a popular way for people to have a video from their favorite star specifically for them. Recently, however, Cameos have been used for a new purpose.

Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre thought he was supporting an organization that aids veterans when he recorded a recent Cameo. Instead, he was unintentionally reading a message full of anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist codewords. The group that requested the video- The Goyim Defense League- then posted it, claiming Favre supported their organization and agreed with their anti-Semitic values. Similar incidents have occurred with rapper Soulja Boy and comedian Andy Dick.

All three individuals that inadvertently recorded the hateful messages have spoken publicly, both apologizing for the anti-Semitic phrases and denying any association with the Goyim Defense League or similar groups. Additionally, Favre has vowed to donate the money he earned from the Cameo to organizations that fight bigotry and intolerance.

While Cameo claims this is the first incident the company has faced in its year of operation, the anti-Semitic undertones are nothing new. According to the Anti-Defamation League, there has been a fifty-seven percent increase in anti-Semitic crimes and incidents since 2017.

Cameo has no way to delete the videos from the hate group’s social media, but the company has banned the group from requesting any further videos.