College Football Playoffs

Collin Cardot, Quarterback

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The NCAA football playoffs standings have just been announced, and honestly, the
committee did a very good job in making the choices. The first three teams to make it in were
mostly on lock. All three teams are undefeated conference champions. We have a #1 ranked
Alabama team led by wonder boy himself, Tua Tagovailoa. Next is a Clemson team, led by
Trevor Lawrence. It’s worth mentioning Alabama and Clemson have been 1 and 2 all season
long. Third is an independent school, Notre Dame, led by linebacker Te’von Coney. The #4 spot
is where the real debate comes in. The committee made the right choice in my eyes, they picked
a one loss conference champion Oklahoma, whose only loss came against a #10 ranked Texas by
3 points. Also, they avenged this loss when they played Texas again in the conference
championship. The committee made this choice over a 2 loss Georgia and an Ohio State team
who got thumped by an unranked Purdue. On the topic of Ohio State, coach Urban Meyer is set
to retire after this last bowl game. It will be fun to see two Heisman candidates, Kyler Murray
and Tua Tagovailoa, face off in a game that features Oklahoma’s 1 st ranked offense in yards per
play versus Alabama’s 7 th ranked offense and 9 th ranked defense This should be a high scoring
game versus two high powered quarterbacks, Alabama should take this one easily as Oklahoma’s
defense in subpar at best. In the other game we will see a feature of Clemson’s 5 th ranked offense
and 4 th ranked defense versus a Notre Dame team that only has a 28 th ranked offense and 21 st
ranked defense, Clemson should take this game because they are just stronger on both sides. Its’
a safe bet to say we will see an Alabama Clemson rematch. Alabama is just too strong
offensively to be stopped, however, the question of Tua’s clutch ability will come into play
because he has only thrown two passes in the fourth quarter all season long. It seems as if
Alabama will take home the trophy… again.

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