Social Media Ruining Celebrities

Brady Bush, Azalean

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Ever since social media was created, it has created a community of (mostly young)
people who often end up thinking the same way. One person will see another person’s tweet
and immediately agree and advocate for another person’s idea without giving it any thought
even if it’s completely invalid.
In the past few years, celebrities have been absolutely decimated by social media
platforms, namely Twitter. The whole population of social media will ruthlessly attack celebrities
without any warrant. These attacks ruin their entire lives, often crippling their careers and mental
health. Some examples include Halsey, Iggy Azalea, Azalia Banks and Amy Schumer. While
some of these celebrities might have sparked their own hate, they definitely didn’t deserve to be
shunned the way they were. Their careers have been permanently damaged by years of
torment on social media that simply doesn’t go away.
For example, Iggy Azalea has been hated on Twitter for years. While it started due to
her lack of live rapping abilities, teens sitting behind their laptop screens looking to come off as
funny on their twitter feed started to attack every aspect of Iggy Azalea, from her looks to her
rap to her own marriage. Actually, shortly after the hate started, her fiance, Nick Young, and her
split up, which some speculate to be due to the immense hate. Additionally Iggy is no longer
played on the radio and she hasn’t been anywhere near the level she was at in the music
industry since the hate started due to the fact that many of her fans have ditched her because of
tweets they saw making fun of her.
On the other hand, other celebrities have been attacked, and yet their careers have still
skyrocketed such as Kanye West and Taylor Swift. These celebrities seem to have almost
profited from the hate and have gotten even richer and more famous.
Overall, the mob mentality on Twitter has ruined many celebrities’ lives due to insensitive
jokes and taking things too far due to the idea of trying to fit in with the Twitter community.

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