Mars Rover

Collin Cardot, Astronaut

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History was made on November 26, 2018. NASA landed another Mars rover named the
InSight. The difference between this rover and others is that this rover will need to stay in place
to study to complete its’ objective. The goal of the probe is to study the inner core of Mars and
give us science to apply to astronauts on the moon and Mars. It is set to study the interior
makeup to provide information back to NASA. NASA says that they plan to send human
astronauts deeper into space eventually. The rover was launched May 5 th , 2018, and seven
months and two days later, it landed. The robot guided itself through the landing which engineers
like to call “seven minutes of terror.” An article by Ashley Strickland said that “In less time than
it takes to hard-boil an egg, InSight slowed from 12,300 mph to 5 mph… according to NASA.”
NASA officials say the whole mission cost approximately 814 million U.S. dollars. An
interesting story to go along with this is that Green Day’s official Twitter account revealed that
the band’s name and year it was formed was etched on to the computer chip aboard the InSight.
This truly is one giant leap for mankind.