Unexpected Powerball Winner

Unexpected Powerball Winner

Hayley Royal, A Powerball

Those who broke off the bigger piece of the wishbone aren’t the only lucky ones this Thanksgiving.Tina and Harold Ehrenberg of Mandeville, Louisiana were cleaning their home for last week’s holiday when they stumbled across some Louisiana Lotto lottery tickets from the beginning of June.The couple of course was not expecting anything as they logged in to check the cards which expire at the beginning of December. When they found the winning numbers online, the Ehrenberg’s said they checked what they found over and over.

After national and state taxes were withheld, the couple earned $1,274,313 and beaten the 1 in 292 million odds. They have said they plan to put the Thanksgiving gift towards their retirement fund.

With their recent win, the Ehrenbergs get to join an elite club of individuals who picked some lucky numbers. Fifteen other individuals have won the Louisiana lottery since the beginning of November. None of them, however, have earned an amount nearly as large as the Ehrenbergs.

While it is nowhere near the recent lottery frenzy that seized the country in late October as the national lottery climbed into the billions, this holiday cleaning turned cashpot has caused many Americans to rush to their junk drawers and nightstands to see if they too might have accidentally missed out on millions. So far, however, the Ehrenbergs have been the only ones to claim the prize from a hidden win.