How the Cleveland Browns Have Gained Relevancy Once Again


Eli Bernstein, Footballer

Imagine for a second, imagine the Cleveland Browns as growing, relevant and playing
professional football from weeks 1-17! I know that’s a crazy thought, but this year it has become
a reality. The Browns are no longer the butt of all NFL jokes, they are no longer the consensus
worst team/organization in the league! They have been 1-31 the past two years and 4-49 since
2014. This year, as of November 28, they are 4-6-1. What this means is that in this season alone,
they have won the same amount of games they have in total the past four years.
. They have had three different head coaches in four years, they have had unbelievable
player turnover not seeming to be anyone’s true “home.” The Cleveland Browns have been
easily the worst team in the NFL for a number of years. With free agents not panning out, poor
drafting, and having horrible injury history, the Cleveland Browns have been where careers go to
die. The past two years Cleveland have been on a mission to make things better. After firing
Haley and Jackson, (Baker) Mayfield’s number have increased. Under the coaching of Gregg
Williams (former defensive coordinator hired as the interim coach) this team seems to play with
a purpose. Everything began to fall into place; this team wants to win, they’re tired of the rest of
the league looking down at them and they are on the right path for that.
They have brought in good players who can play valuable minutes, they’ve traded for
Jarvis Landry, Demarious Randall, and they got rid of locker room cancer Josh Gordon. They
have completely revamped this team, making the public thinking that in a few years the Browns
could possibly make some noise. They have some great potential: especially after the Haley and
Jackson firings, Baker has been looking phenomenal.
If you thought the memorable and emotional tale of the Philadelphia Eagles and their
long-suffering fan base reaching the NFL mountaintop was a saga like none other last season,
prepare for the world turning completely upside down if the Browns were to ever win big. The
former expansion team have finally found their feet underneath them, they have found a future to
get behind. As long as they make it known that this is Mayfield’s and Garret’s team, and build
around them this team could one day be contending again.
“There’s only so many teams that have that kind of history, right?’’ said ex-Cowboys
quarterback turned analyst Tony Romo of the Browns’ once-proud winning tradition. “The
Browns are one of those sleeping giant fan bases that are out there. If they ever start to make
noise, I just think it’s really good for the National Football League. It’s good for the league when
the Packers, the Steelers, the Cowboys, the Niners, the Bears, all these storied franchises, are