Taylor Swift: Saint or Stingy?


Lauren Beickert, Investigator

19-year-old Sadie Bartell tweeted out a link to a GoFundMe page that said her mother, Lauriann Bartell went into a coma two days before she went to see a Taylor Swift concert, and has been in one for the past three years. She asked people for help and to pray for her family, but also included that she was grateful to Taylor for keeping her afloat through it all. Swift graciously donated $15,500 dollars to the GoFundMe page and Bartell was beyond thankful for it. Now, while it was very generous of Swift to donate all that money to help a fan out, the goal of the GoFundMe was $40,000. Since Taylor has donated, the page has reached $26,000, but still not what she needs to help her mother. Personally, I believe Swift could have paid all of the goal, considering she donated $250,000 to Ke$ha during her court ruling, who might not have needed that money as much as Bartell.