HHS’s Production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Brady Bush, Local Theater Connoisseur

Last Friday, I decided to attend the fall play of our acclaimed theatre department at Houston. While I initially wanted to go to support the newspaper’s rising starlet and my fellow journalist, Addison (Addie) Mae Nixon, I ended up thoroughly enjoying myself.
To start off, a Shakespeare play is not an easy one to recreate for an audience who has never read the piece. The Old English language and the iambic pentameter causes Shakespeare to write the script in language that we aren’t used to hearing. This makes the play generally harder to understand. Now disclaimer, I had recently read and analyzed the play in my AP Lit class so I might have some unfair bias, but I think that the cast did a great job of making it easier to understand for the audience. Seeing it played out in front of you is a lot easier than simply reading it and the cast really brought the shoe to life.
Secondly, I was surprised by the presence of music in the play. In the original version, no music was mentioned, but the director this year decided to include some music to complete the 50’s theme that the play centers around. I think this was a great decision, and without it I think that the 50’s theme would’ve lacked substance and it would’ve merely only existed in costume. The cast has some great soloists that made the music very enjoyable. My personal favorite was a rendition of “Love Me Tender” by Elvis.
Lastly, I just think that the theatre program here at Houston has some great actors and actresses. Sarah Cate Melton did a SUPERB job of playing Helena, Abby Wingfield brought Huck’s character to life, and Addison (Addie) Mae Nixon brought humor into her scenes with her representation of Egeus. Overall, I think everyone did a great job, these actresses just stood out to me.
In conclusion, the Houston High Theatre Department brought life to yet another play and I’m excited to see their spring show of Mamma Mia.