“The Camp Fire”


Eman Habib, Reporter

Paradise, California doesn’t look much like paradise anymore. Last week, fires spread all across
northern California destroying towns and homes. People only had minutes to evacuate and take
as many things as they could possibly fit in their cars. People even died in their cars while stuck
in traffic. The death toll has gone up to 43 people. The fire spread about 300,000 yards per
minute. It was so hot that it burned parts of cars. Many homes of celebrities were also burned
down. It has been recorded as the most destructive in state history. The Camp Fire isn’t the
only wild fire going on in California. The Woolsey Fire destroyed about 400 structures west of
Los Angeles on Sunday and many more areas are under threat. The Hill fire went through
45,000 acres in Ventura County. They haven’t found out what caused the fire but an electrical
source is up for debate.