Pittsburgh Tragedy

Collin Cardot, Reporter

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Yet another tragedy occurred in America. On October 27 th , a crazed, anti-Semitic man
walked into a synagogue and opened fire killing eleven people. The suspect, Robert Bowers,
walked into his second trial on Thursday after being indicted with 44 federal charges, 32 of
which are punishable by death. Bowers however, while being in a shootout with local police,
pleads not guilty. The president responded to this atrocity by complimenting the local law
enforcement and saying that anti-Semitism will not be tolerated. He also wants to bring back the
death penalty for crimes like these. Late night show hosts were quick to blast his comments by
saying Trump wants to solve gun problems with “More guns.” In such a hard time it can be hard
to find any goodness in stories like this, but there was a glimmer of hope for the future. The
Muslim community has stepped up in a major way, raising tens of thousands of dollars for those
affected. This type of comradery is what is needed to bring together such a confused country, put
aside all your differences and love each other as humans.