Stan Lee

Collin Cardot, Marvel Fan

The world has lost another hero this week. On November 12, 2018 Stan Lee passed away
at the age of 95. Stan Lee has touched so many hearts with his comics and movies. Stan has been
entertaining for decades. Not only did Stan supply us with childlike wonder, Stan was also a big
civil rights activist. He created the first black superhero, Black Panther, also, Stan created the X-
men to show how society treats people different than them. He modeled Professor X after Martin
Luther King Jr., and Magneto after Malcolm X. The X-men also recently had their first gay
marriage. It’s easy to see how loving of a man Stan was. When I asked some of the other
members of the newspaper how Stan Lee affected them:
Emma Coons said “Growing up watching Marvel inspired me to pursue film myself, and
without Stan Lee I might not be doing what I’m doing right now.”
Addison Nixon said “Stan lee created movies that made a tradition between me and my
family in waiting for his cameos.”
As for me, Stan helped me open up my imagination as a kid and gave me some of my
favorite characters. I would like to say rest in peace Stan and Excelsior!