Toy Story 4


Eli Bernstein, Sherriff

As another year begins to come to a close, a new Pixar movie has been announced: Toy
Story 4. We all recognize Pixar as one of the animation giants in the industry creating classics
such as: The Incredibles, Up, Inside Out, Wall-E, and of course Toy Story. Toy story has a special
place in movie and animation history for the groundbreaking ideas that came with the movie.
This was the very first movie that was made only with computers and online animation
software, and for it to be the success it became was shocking. Prior to this, all animation was
hand-drawn so with this new software it would allow for creating animated movies to be easier.
This movie, for me especially, is one of my all-time favorite movies because of the
memories I have connected to this film. I have seen this movie more times than I can count, and
I pride myself on being able to quote almost every line to this fantastic piece of work. I have
fond memories of watching this movie with my friends, my parents, and it being a large staple
of my childhood. I love Disney and Pixar both respectively, but Pixar is different than any other
production studio I’ve seen. They continue to release movies that have meaning, the animation
is gorgeous, and they always manage to suck you into the story every time. They have not
faltered once in their relatively short-lived life (they began in 1986) even their least popular
movies are still considered childhood classics!
Being born in 2002, I was in the perfect time for animated movies: Monsters Inc.,
Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and cars were all released within five years of my being alive. I
have great fondness for all these movies, but once again Toy Story is just special to me. It’s, in
my opinion, the best animated movie of all time.
Now with the announcement of Toy Story 4 which is announced to be released in the
summer of 2019, I am ecstatic! This is, presumably, the end to the Toy Story franchise.
According to reports, the cast loves the script. This movie stars the same cast it always has,
staying true to their roots. This movie will(hopefully) be fantastic, just like all of the Pixar
movies have been.