World Series 2018!

Emma Coons, A Single Red Sock

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This week marks the start of the 114th World Series between the LA Dodgers and Boston Red Sox. So far (as of Thursday the 25th), the Red Sox are up 2-0, with Game 3 Friday night at 7:09pm CST and Game 4 following Saturday at 7:09pm CST. This series on the Red Sox have shown up with their offense, not scared to swing with 2 strikes, or play with 2 outs. The Dodgers’ offense competes well, but so far has been no match, with Game 1 ending 4:8-Red Sox, and Game 2 ending 2:4 Red Sox. This series is big for Sox player and Tennessean Mookie Betts who is a shoe-in for American League MVP AND he became all our TACO HEROES in Game 1 for stealing a base in the World Series! Head to Taco Bell Nov 1 from 2-6pm and tell them Mookie stole you a Dorito Locos Taco!