Mystery Postal Bombs

Julia Booth, OTHER Mailman

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On Monday, October 22 an explosive device, described as a “pipe bomb”, was delivered to
George Soro’s home in New York. After this many more bombs within postal packages have
been shipped addressed to prominent political figures such as Hillary Clinton and former
president Barack Obama.
On Monday October 22, the first of many explosive devices, described as “pipe bombs” was
delivered as a postal package. Several of these bombs have been shipped to prominent political
figures houses, such as Hillary Clinton and former president Barack Obama. On Wednesday,
CNN’s New York City office was evacuated following the discovery of an explosive device in the
mailroom. According to the New York Police Department press briefing on Wednesday
afternoon, the package contained a live explosive and unidentified white powder.
The unusual nature of the package itself is leaving investigators puzzled as a postmark is
not visible on several of the packages, which is very rare if it was to leave a delivery facility. This
provides the question of multiple people working in unison in different geographical areas,
including New York, Washington, Florida, and California. The FBI has an ongoing investigation
proceeding with wary as to what is next with these packages.

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