Cloning and The Possibility It Brings


Eli Bernstein, Clone

China has now successfully cloned 20 different breeds of dogs and scientists state
the next logical step will be to begin replicating humans. Since March of this year,
cloning technology has now allowed Chinese experts to replicate 20 different breeds of
dogs in the lab. They state that the next logical step are humans. As technology
improves, this could definitely be a real thing! If scientists could master the cloning
ability, the possibilities are endless!
Scientists in Russia are working to make a living clone of the wooly mammoth,
and a Jurassic World expert states that dinosaur cloning could be a reality in just a few
years. With this ability to clone anything with just some strains of DNA, we could bring
back extinct species, we could save endangered animals, we could educate people
about earth’s history! We could be living in a new age of knowledge and experience.
There are a few drawbacks to cloning, especially with human cloning. Say a woman
wanted to be married to a famous celebrity, all they’d have to do is find someone who’s
got their DNA and they could potentially clone it if this technology becomes
mainstream. The rich would get richer and the poor would get poorer! In a world where
people can buy basically anything they want, why wouldn’t they choose their own
people! A society where genetic selection is possible would place a higher emphasis on
the socioeconomic means of each person or household. Those who could afford cloning
would essentially create their own class, while those who could not afford the process
would likely be shunned or disregarded by the rest of society.

Human cloning will be a thing of the near future, this isn’t some sci-fi story this is
real life. Last month, Japanese scientists created human egg cells just from human blood
via stem cell testing. The initial eggs could not be grown into human babies as they were
too immature, but the experiment is certainly a massive stride towards cloning of
people. Scientist Hank Greely, a bioethicist at Stanford said, “If we can make human
eggs and sperm from skin cells it opens up an enormous number of possibilities for
changing how humans reproduce.
All we can really do is sit back, and see if this technology will be used for good:
reviving extinct species, educating people on the body, educating people on earth’s
history, or if it’ll be used for bad: selling DNA of celebrities to clone without their

consent, or forming an entirely new socio-economic class. It’s up to us to decide
whether technology is a tool or a weapon.