Big Mouth

Collin Cardot, A Big Mouth

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Big Mouth is a Netflix original comedy show. The show outlines the wonders and horrors
of puberty with outlandish characters and wild imagination. John Mulaney and Nick Kroll do an
amazing job at capturing true awkwardness in the main characters Andrew and Nick. The new
season just came out a few weeks ago and has many believing it is better than its predecessor.
The show has a blunt form of comedy with many crude and vulgar sex jokes. But beyond this
there are very deep characters. This season allowed for much deeper looks into characters like
Jay, Matthew, and even the lovable hormone monster, Ricky. One of the most touching
storylines was the growth of coach Steve. Though he might not be the smartest person in the
world. His heart is as big as anyone’s. It is also good to see how the kids work together to defeat
a new villain named the Shame Wizard. This show can be very real when it comes to problems
like divorce, not getting enough attention, feeling shame, and needing love. While all this is true,
the show is still very vulgar so I would not recommend watching this with your parents. Overall I
give the new season of Big Mouth a 8.5/10.