Brazilian Presidential Frontrunner Threatens to Pull Out of the Paris Climate Agreement


Brady Bush, Brazillian

As the intense presidential elections are underway in Brazil, the far-right front running candidate, Jair Bolsonaro, has just added a bold goal to agenda. If elected, Bolsonaro plans to follow Donald Trump’s lead on leaving the UN’s Paris Climate Agreement, a very radical move, especially for Brazil, home of the giant Amazon, which produces a significant amount of the world’s oxygen.
Bolsonaro’s fixation on pulling out of the agreement seems to have increased due to the recent exposure of the lies behind environmental theorists. Scientists had theorized that the world would be in a much worse state today, based on statistics and numbers. However, these statistics were not met and the scientists were proven to have overdramaticized the truth.
While this might be true, to deny the effects of climate change and global warming would simply remain negligence to basic facts that are proven to be true, no matter the claimed rates that the effects were proposed to be taking. Bolsonaro has already received numerous criticisms from environmental authorities around the world and many influential leaders have already withdrawn their support for him. The UN environmental chief, Erik Solheim, has already denounced these radical ideas, saying that climate protection can only benefit society and that “politicians who present climate action as a cost to society have got it all wrong.”
Brazil was supposed to host the 2019 UN climate summit but the elections and whatever the new president, whoever it may be, will have enormous decisions to make on Brazil’s place in international climate cooperation and also in diplomacy in general.