Banksy’s Self-destructed Painting

Julia Booth, Artist (Pronounced ArtEEst)

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On this past Friday, a famous painting of a girl with a red heart-shaped balloon sold for $1.4
million in an auction house in London. As soon as the word “sold” rung out, a distinct noise
could be heard from the paintings direction. The painting began to move in it’s frame and
appeared to halfway shred itself. Since then, the artist, known as Banksy, has produced a video
showing his construction of the destructive frame with the quote, “The urge to destroy is also a
creative urge”. Also, he has recently suggested that the painting was supposed to be shredded
fully but the frame had malfunctioned, by posting a clip with the message, “In rehearsals it
worked every time…”. After the auction the painting was renamed “Love is in the bin” and the
artwork’s value may have risen as a result of its partial destruction.

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