A Star is Born: Review

Addison Nixon, FANATIC

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No this is not the movie from the 1930’s, and no it’s not the movie starring Judy
Garland; nor does it star Barbra Streisand living in a tepee. The 2018 film “A Star is Born”
starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in the fourth remake of this film, but don’t let that turn
you off from this musical journey of the rise of a new starlet, and the fall of an old rock singer.
The film surrounds the love story of famous musician Jackson Maine and aspiring singer,
Ally Campana. However, Maine is a struggling alcoholic and addict, and Campana is struggling
to find a voice. This film is far from your typical romance with displays of raw humiliation and
rock bottom. Along with the crippling realization of a couple where one seems to be rising to
fame, while the other falls far from it.
What made this movie for me and many other audiences who had the pleasure of
seeing this film, was the cast. From the sultry voice of Same Elliot and the spunky best friend
played by Anthony Ramos, this cast gives you many different styles that all blend well within
the plot. The standout performances, without a doubt, go to Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga,
who play Jackson Maine and Ally Campana. Lady Gaga, whom we all know best from singing
Just Dance or Telephone made her debut with acting when she starred in the fifth season of
American Horror Story, giving an outstanding and eerie performance. She shocked everyone
with her acting skills in this film, along with her powerful vocals, that came as no surprise.
Gaga’s counterpart, Bradley Cooper who not only starred in this film, but directed it too. While
Cooper has acted in many comedies, this was a much more dramatic role for the experienced
actor, but that didn’t stop him from giving a very compelling performance. And if that wasn’t
enough this was Coopers directing debut. Cooper and Gaga also co-wrote the soundtrack to this
film, one that could stand on its own, but also brings a deeper level of emotion to the film.
So, if you like a movie with a great soundtrack, this is the movie for you. If you like
movies that make you want to cry both happy and sad tears, this is the movie for you. And if
you like movies where you can’t help but to root for the struggling addict, this is the movie for
you. And if one of these points feel compelling enough, watch it anyway because I guarantee
you will enjoy it. So, grab your tissues and popcorn and grab a seat because A Star is Born is
worth you watching again and again.