Amy Winehouse Back on Tour


Blakely Harrison, Winehouse Superfan

Amy Winehouse is going back tour, but not as anyone would have expected. She is going
on tour as a hologram. The singer’s father, Mitch Winehouse, gave intel that the singer’s
hologram is going to be on the stage as well as a live band.
The company organizing this entire tour is called BASE Hologram and they are also doing
tours with the hologram of Roy Orbison and Maria Callas. Typically the singer’s hologram just
stands behind the microphone, relatively still, but Mr.Winehouse wants BASE Hologram to
imitate how Amy’s performances were with more dancing and moving.
The idea of a hologram tour seems as if it is only a stunt to pull in money. Claims to
“honor the artist” seem unauthentic. Some the proceeds from the show are going to the Amy
Winehouse Foundation which works to prevent the abuse of drug and alcohol in young people,
but the percent of what proceeds are going to the foundations is not available to the public at
this time.