What to do Over Fall Break!

To keep in my 3 year tradition on this newspaper, here are this year’s recommendations for what YOU should do this fall break!

Into crafting? Never too old to draw a beautiful fall leaf for the fall season, even if around here it doesn’t feel like fall yet. Better yet, take a fall leaf (if it manages to get cool enough over break for leaves to fall) and color it over paper. If, however, it does not get cool enough, you can take a NORMAL, green leaf and trace it to make it whatever color you want! Pink leaf? Okay.

Like baking? Make some pumpkin bread! If you’ve got plenty of time on your hands, try it from scratch! If that sounds a little much for you, try our new Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread mix! (I have, and it’s straight up delicious).

Like music? This weekend is Mempho festival! Check out journalist Lauren Beickert’s page to see all about the festival.

Like dumb games? If you just want some good fun get Jeff Foxworthy’s new card game “Relative Insanity” from Target. It’s good, halfway clean fun. If you want a fall theme, try gathering all the pumpkin spice flavored things you can find and rate each one to find the best.

Like being a basic white teenage girl? Go for that PSL, Glen Coco. Sorry, you knew I’d have to make a PSL/white girl joke. I get it its overplayed. Have a good fall break.