Kim Petras’ Spooky Halloween Mixtape

Brady Bush, Skeleton

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When I logged onto twitter way past my bedtime, after midnight on the eve of October 1st to find that the new up and coming pop sensation, Kim Petras had released a Halloween album, called “TURN OFF THE LIGHT, VOL. 1” , you best believe I stayed up for another hour to listen to the whole thing twice.

Kim Petras is a new and fresh pop star on the scene who is quickly gaining more and more recognition for her unapologetically pop style. She says her style has been influenced by 80s pop artists and early 2000s pop icons, noting Britney Spears and the Spice Girls. Petras recognizes that people have been looking down on pop music lately, but she simply doesn’t care and wants to create her own music.
This album was the perfect thing to get me pumped for Halloween. Creepy beats and scary lyrics really conveyed the Halloween spirit. In this album, Kim Petras combines her shamelessly pop style with lyrics such as “Oh when it’s after dark, I’m gonna eat your heart” make these catchy halloween anthems a hit. She also combines these elements with a little bit of techno, which knods to Petras’ German roots.
While I loved the actual songs in Petras’ album, such as “Close Your Eyes” and “Tell Me It’s a Nightmare,” Kim Petras actually included songs that are entirely just techno music, which I think limits the album. While I can still get down to these songs, I think Petras could’ve replaced these songs with some songs with her singing.
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