What to do When Waiting for Colleges to Reply to You

What to do When Waiting for Colleges to Reply to You

Hayley Royal, High School Senior


By far one of the most stressful things I have done in my seventeen and one quarter years of life has been applying to college. The actual application is not so bad, entering and reentering your name and address and social security number and major and plans for your entire future over and over. The real kicker is waiting for the colleges to completely judge you and decide if you should be admitted or not. If you’re like me and you are losing your mind as you wait for an answer, check out the list below for things you can do to make the time go faster.

  1. Clean your room- Get rid of all the junk the colleges you did not even apply to sent you!

  2. Dye your hair- You need to reinvent yourself before college anyway.

  3. Check your email- Maybe a college emailed you!

  4. Check your mail-Maybe a college mailed you!

  5. Go on a walk.

  6. Cry because you probably didn’t get in.

  7. Refer to yourself as “a senior who is so over school” in every conversation you have.

  8. Adopt a pet fish- He can be your roommate.

  9. Stress about how all your friends know where they’re going and you don’t.

  10. Check your mailbox and email one more time-Maybe colleges have contacted you now.