Roy Blair Cat Heaven

Blakely Harrison, President of Alt Nation

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Cat Heaven is the very first album by singer/songwriter, Roy Blair. Roy gives us a first person
point of view of the story of someone going through the awkward phase between adulthood
and still being a child in his debut album. The album has a perfect blend of upbeat, slow, and
everything in-between. Even after listening to the first song for the first time, you know the
album is going to be a good one with the song “Grow Up” (which really fits into the album’s
theme of… well the song’s title which is growing up.
Roy Blair is relatively new artist, releasing his very first album in December 2017. Roy’s
musical debut was backup vocals on Kevin Abstact’s album American Boyband. Roy has only
released singles before Cat Heaven and they were all featured on the album (“Jane,”
“Perfume,” and “Thunder”). He has also released a single titled “Dennis” on June 8, 2018. Roy’s
music is clearly alternative with something extra added. He has rap and other musical elements
embellished into his music, adding depth and layers to his songs.
The theme for this CD is the story of Roy going through the shift from being a teenager
to an adult, which included heartbreak, love, and tragedy along with nostalgia. I absolutely love
the lyrics in this album and I believe they match the theme of the album perfectly. Some of my
favorites include “Last year got us feeling mental/ Out of reach up on my sleeve/ Had
something for you since middle school/ This that’ll stay” and “You and me/ We're both a little
different/ Straight C's and we've both been spending/ Mom's car was the only one driven
around this small city.”
The tracks in the album that stand out include Jane, Perfume, Happy, and Grand Theft
Auto. These songs all stand out because they are upbeat and good summer soundtrack songs.
They have a nostalogicness to them, which I feel the entire album was attempting to do, but
these songs simply did it the best. They just make you feel good while listening to them. The
tracks that I don’t believe are quite as successful include Hazel, Kansas, and Switchblade. These
songs aren’t as successful because they are done in a bit of a different style than the others,
more heavily auto toned and a different vibe overall with these songs.
I would rate this album 5/5 stars. Although it does have a few weaker songs, what
album doesn’t? The good of this collection definitely makes up for the weaker tracks Blair
delivered. Also seeing Blair live this past summer gave me a new, stronger appreciation for his
work seeing him preform so, so strongly in front of a live audience.