Jayna Choi-A Golfing Queen

Jayna Choi-A Golfing Queen

Brady Bush, Jayna Fangirl

When I met Jayna Choi in 8th grade as I nervously walked in to my first day at my new school, I was greeted with a big smile and welcoming words of kindness. Jayna is perhaps one of the kindest and most genuine people I know. She has always been a friendly face to me, even when we went through times when we didn’t get to see eachother as often. Not only is Jayna Choi just a superb representation of what humanity should be like, she also represents Houston High and even the United States as a world-class golfer and athlete.

Jayna started golfing around the age of 4 and immediately fell in love with it. She was inspired by her older brother, who also played competitively at the time. Ever since then, golfing has become Jayna’s passion.

As she got older, she got better and better, not only beating out the competition, but beating herself over and over again. After playing in numerous domestic tournaments, during her freshman year in high school, Jayna was selected along with an elite group of junior golfers from across the country to travel to France to compete for the USA in the Evian Master’s Junior Cup. When she came back, she was recruited by Vanderbilt University and committed to play at the university level, just as a freshman-an astounding accomplishment.

After that, Jayna continued to play in various domestic tournaments, oftentimes missing school to travel to play to represent herself and also Houston High School, mostly winning first place. Most recently, Jayna won the championship at the high school regional level and also helped the team to achieve runner up in the state.

Throughout all of her golf career, Jayna stayed humble, often telling me about how she thought she could’ve played better, and NEVER bragging or gloating about her accomplishments. This combined with her constant effort to improve herself, her good grades, and her genuine kindness and friendship truly makes Jayna a perfect example of what Houston tries to be: Excellence Always.

Currently Jayna is working tirelessly to graduate early this December to focus on her golf for a semester before going off the college at Vanderbilt in Fall 2019 to continue striving for greatness.