Hayley Royal, Pro-Bowler

Taylor Schoggen is a senior at Houston High School and excited to be a member of the Varsity Bowling team. The team’s next match is Wednesday, October 3rd. Houston will take on Arlington at the Cordova Bowling Alley. #SGOD.


Tell me about the Houston High School Women’s Varsity  Bowling Team.


-There are 12 girls on the team, as well as a few alternates. Because many schools in our region do not have a bowling program, our opponents are limited in number. However, we still have a one match a week against these few schools. Our coach is Mr. Schneider; he is a pretty solid coach. He watches us each bowl and then gives us individual corrections on our stance and aim.


Describe some of your roles as co-captain?

  • I have the opportunity to lead my team which is really exciting and fun. Yesterday at our match I started a chant for our team which got everyone hyped up and ready to compete. I am honored to have the ability to help my coach and teammates in any way that I can.


How do you predict  the Houston High School bowling team will perform this season?


  • I am not sure. Bartlett is a very strong team that I think we may struggle with. I think Cordova and Arlington will be good matches for our program. We are working hard to prepare to face them in the future.