Massachusetts Shark Attack

Julia Booth, Shark Enthusiast

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Boarding 30 yards off Newcomb Hollow Beach, Arthur Medici became the victim in the first
fatal shark attack in Massachusetts, in more than 80 years. When first responders got to the
beach they delivered first aid and then transported Medici to the Cape Cod Hospital where he
later died.
Medici’s brother, Melo, told reporters that Medici had a love for the sand and salt water and
could always be found near a beach. Arthur Medici was from Brazil but studying in
Massachusetts to become an engineer. He also had a girlfriend in the US, which he had a friend
in Brazil make a custom wedding band for. Sadly, he was waiting till further along in his
education to ask her to marry him. Medici’s body is expected to arrive in Brazil by September
21 st , where the family will hold a wake and memorial ceremony.

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