Mac Miller’s Death

Mac Millers Death

Hayley Royal, Mourner

Malcolm McCormick, more commonly known as Mac Miller, was pronounced dead Friday afternoon shortly after being found unresponsive in his apartment. While the more in-depth results of the autopsy have not yet been released, it has been confirmed that the rapper, 26, died from an overdose. The young artist had scheduled a video shoot for later that same day.

The tragedy has spurred an intense debate over the role of Ariana Grande, Mac Miller’s ex-girlfriend, in the role of the death. Many angst-filled individuals claim Grande played a role in his overdose following their April breakup. Mac Miller, however, has publically struggled with drug addiction since 2013.

Several members of the music community, including Lin-Manuel Miranda and J. Cole, have expressed their grief and extended condolences through various social media outlets.