Modern Day Pirates


Collin Cardot, Modern Day Pirate

Most people think of a swashbuckling, sword bearing, seadog when they think of the
word pirate. Since their reign was a very long time ago and the media has watered down their
intensity. However, these ferocious sea thieves still exist in some parts of the world. One country
is the most notorious piracy hub: Somalia. Somalia accounts for ninety percent of all ship raids
in the world. These new age pirates arm themselves with heavy weaponry like automatic guns,
grenades, daggers, and even RPGs. Some groups, like the Somalis, are suspected have ties to the
government and even have been said to commit organized crimes for their governments. There is
even a Somali pirate stock exchange. It works so that an investment for successful heists will
bring in major return. One story says that a woman supplied an RPG and walked away with
seventy-five thousand dollars. That’s some big bank for something so illegal.