Indie Memphis Youth Film Fest


Brady Bush, Cinemaphile

When fellow newspaper staff members, Hayley Royal and Blakely Harrison, hopped in my car with me to attend the Indie Memphis Youth Film Fest at the Halloran Center in Downtown Memphis, none of us knew what to expect. We were only going to support newspaper editor, Emma Coons, and her short film that we also knew very little about. Obviously, we knew we were going to a short film festival, but none of us knew what caliber of skill the movies were going to be. By the end of the festival, I think we were all thoroughly impressed by what we had seen.

From films such as The Adventures of Horse Cop, a witty story about a horse cop who fights crime, to Family Business, Emma’s movie about a son and a dad that sell drugs together, all of the films showed immense effort and talent. Emma’s film won, as well deserved, but the other films also showed a lot of thought and entertained the audience.

Some films were witty comedies, making the entire audience laugh, some were artistic representations of songs, and some were thought-provoking films that left the audience questioning their lives.

Overall I think all of the films in the festival were a success and The Indie Memphis group has definitely intrigued me as a possible fun activity to do in Memphis.

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