NASA’s Parker Solar Probe

NASAs Parker Solar Probe

Mauren Lee, NASA Scientist

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe, launched this Sunday, will explore the sun’s atmosphere. The
probe successfully launched at 3:31 am on Sunday, after being delayed on Saturday, from Cape
Canaveral, Florida. In order to reach the sun, the probe will have to take seven flybys of Venus,
which will give it a gravity assist. By 2024, the probe will orbit within 3.9 million miles from the
sun’s surface. The objective of the mission includes ‘tracing the flow of energy that heats and
accelerates the sun's corona and solar wind, determining the structure and dynamics of the
plasma and magnetic fields at the sources of the solar wind and explore mechanisms that
accelerate and transport energetic particles." It’s a very exciting mission, and hopefully brings
back plenty of data.