Minder? What’s That?

Minder? Whats That?

Eman Habib, Online Dater

You’ve probably heard of Tinder, Farmers Only, or Christian Mingle. These
are all dating apps you might be familiar with. But, have you ever heard of
Minder? Muslim tinder. It’s a thing. Some might be familiar with how it’s not a
part of Muslim culture to date. So why is there an app specifically for that to
happen? What makes it any different than Tinder? Minder was designed for long-
term relationships, not one-night stands or hookups. It concentrates on people
who are looking to settle down and start a family. So not anyone can download
this app without filling the section about what your degree is in or the number of
years you were in school. For this to happen each account has to be approved by
the team to make sure the user is looking for something serious. I created an
account just to see what this app was all about. Setting up my account was pretty
easy. Just like any other dating app, they ask for your name, your age, and a little
bit about yourself. The one question that took me by surprise was when it asked
me how religious I was. I didn’t think a question like that would be on an app like
this. After my account was verified, I swiped through many single men. I got to
click on their profiles to read more about them. I was able to get in touch with
some of the users. I asked if they found this app beneficial and the majority did.
They said it broadens their search for a potential partner. I asked if they’ve
witnessed people actually get into a relationship with the use of this app and they
said yes. Now Minder isn’t the only dating app for single Muslims. There are other
apps such as Muzmatch and SingleMuslim.com where Muslims can potentially
find “the one”. I can’t say that I completely agree with the whole idea of an app
for single Muslims, but I can say it can be helpful in times of desperate needs.