Scarface Review


Collin Cardot, Late to the Movie Party

“Scarface” is regarded by many as a classic gangster movie. It gave us the classic saying
of “Say hello to my little friend.”
Al Pacino plays a character named Tony Montana who comes over from Cuba and ends
up becoming a large drug kingpin in Florida. Al does a very good job playing the drug overlord
with his heavy accent and brash lines. He also fills the lavish role very well. In the early stages of
the movie it also takes apolitical stance against Fidel Castro by showing Tony’s determination to
get into America and not go back to Cuba. Montana does not have much remorse as seen
throughout the whole movie because of how violent he is.
Tony finds success in America through the drug business. He earns power and riches and
doesn’t have to lift a finger for towards the end. His pitfall, however, is that a lot of times Tony
is so high that he cannot even enjoy himself in a night club. This shows the evil sides of drugs
that can make a human so disconnected that they aren’t even the same person anymore.
Al Pacino does a great job playing the ruthless drug lord Tony Montana. Also, the
soundtrack gives off a very 80’s vibe.
Although this movie is very violent I would give it 9 out of 10 stars seeing as it is a
classic gangster movie, some people would even consider it the best gangster movie of all time.