The Meg – Everything I Expected it to be ***SPOILER ALERT**


Brady Bush, Shark Attack Survivor

       When I got invited to go see The Meg in theaters on Sunday with my dad, I was reluctant to say yes. I knew that this movie was just going to be another crazy shark action movie with some supporting character deaths followed by the main character killing the shark and I was right. So, what I got from the movie and what I thought of it was hardly a surprise.

            For me this movie was nothing special. Yes, it had its intense action scenes that made you sit on the edge of your seats and it had some comedic relief but for me it just wasn’t good enough. I found myself bored halfway through the movie with the predictable plot and the stereotypical dialogue and humor, counting down the minutes until the movie was over.

            However, that’s not to say that the movie wasn’t successful. It was very successful in being a shark action movie for people who want easy entertainment, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

            All in all, I give this movie a 6/10. I would recommend it for people that love shark movies or just want easy entertainment but that’s it. Nothing else special was going on and it just wasn’t interesting for me.