A Circus of Fake Machoism


Eli Bernstein, Member of the Logang

I as well thousands of others tuned in to watch the greatest fight of our generation, the
KSI V. Logan Paul fight! I went in with high expectations, seeing as how for the past six months
there’s been trash talk, and social media bragging. I have to give my utmost respect for Logan
Paul’s and KSI’s teams running a perfect event…for themselves. The fight ended in a draw
leaving thousands of viewers thinking, “Were we just taken for a ride?”
The show was more of a Logan Paul x KSI collaboration than a fight of genuine rivalry. Jake Paul,
Logan’s younger brother, also fought KSI’s younger brother Deji Olatunji. Immediately after the
fight, Jake announced that he’s launching his own clothing line and that he wants (documented
domestic abuser) Chris Brown to be his next opponent. This whole “fight” was just another
money grab, hoping to take the money of their young, childish viewers.
Something smelled fishy about the whole event, whether from Deji actually dancing in
the ring during the fight or the fact that when KSI and Logan Paul fought it ended in a draw. Six
months of diss tracks and “totally real” trash talk videos end with a draw? That is just not
acceptable. I paid the ten dollars pay per view screening on YouTube, and I was very excited to
see either KSI or Logan Paul get destroyed! As the Deji V. Jake Paul fight began it was obvious
they had no “true “animosity.
The fights, albeit a bit boring, actually were fun when punches were thrown. Who
wouldn’t enjoy watching overconfident, arrogant youtubers get beaten up! The weigh ins were
quite bland, a few random people who look like they were pulled off the street. The real
surprise was seeing former world heavyweight champion Shannon “The Cannon” Briggs turned
up alongside legendary boxing announcer Michael Buffer, the man who made the “Let’s get
ready to rumble!” catchphrase famous. If there was any question left about the mainstream
legitimacy of YouTube stardom, the involvement of these two names put it to rest.

By the final round, everyone was firmly on their feet, Logan Paul was sporadically huffing out a
mist of blood from his nostrils, and KSI’s face was starting to swell up. In spite of all their
simulated antipathy, the pair had given the audience all the violent aggression and macho
endurance of pain that we’d all signed up for. That part of the hype was real, and it was
underscored at the end by fellow YouTuber True Geordie, who interviewed Logan Paul and said
he had “proven his heart” by withstanding all those punches. Take a moment to appreciate this
sentiment: a man proves himself a man by surviving a beating and meting one out in return. In