What is this Traffic?!

What is this Traffic?!

Emma Coons

Something is different this year at Houston High…before school, after school, the hallways? Constant traffic. I’m not meaning to suggest that in years past traffic wasn’t bad, but has it ever been this bad??? Nope, and I have some suspicions as to why.

Have you noticed anything different this year? Before school Coach Taylor and some…helpers…always run traffic outside. Never before have so many people regulated traffic outside, and never before have traffic been this bad. I don’t think there’s any extra drivers, and I don’t think there is an insanely large freshmen class being driven to school, so this traffic must be for a reason! The other day I got to school a little earlier than usual. When I pulled into my senior spot, Coach Taylor wasn’t out directing traffic. It had only taken me around 10 minutes to get to school, unlike my usual 20-25 this year. I think this was because Coach Taylor wasn’t out “directing” traffic, and I certainly appreciate his attempt to help out the parents, but he and his traffic helpers stop the cars too soon. I believe if the cars pulled in as far as possible, out past the band room, as they did last year, this traffic would be far less crazy.

After school is a different story. After school has always been pretty bad, but I think seniors should have the privilege to leave at the 2:37 bus bell. This could clear out half the lot and stretch out the traffic to help everyone.

Lastly, the hallway is insane. I know the T-stairs have been closed to try and reduce traffic and to avoid having large amounts of students in small spaces, but this has caused all the stairwells to clog. Also, I don’t know how, but the upstairs main hall has become the most congested place in the whole school, which is a new development as of this year, so we need to open the T. (This is assuming they’re never going to let us walk outside, which was always my solution to the traffic).