Taylor’s Expiration Date

Taylor’s Expiration Date

Brady Bush, Swiftie 5-EVA

As November 2018 approaches, Taylor Swift’s first 15 year-long record deal with Nashville-based Big Machine Label Group, a branch of Universal Music Group, is coming to a close.

            When record label recruiter, Scott Borchetta, recruited Swift 15 years ago, when she was only 14 years old, nobody expected her immense success as an icon in the musical industry. We have all watched Taylor grow up with this record label, from her humble country beginnings, to her now mature pop albums. However, Borchetta’s contract with Swift is set to end this November and everyone is wondering where Taylor will be heading next.

            The pop superstar, who is currently on tour selling out stadiums and making around $8M for each city, has plenty of options in front of her and the public is already speculating what she will do with 3 main theories.

            The first, and most obvious, theory is that Swift with stay with BMLG, as the label gave her the start of her career. Her family also owns a portion of the label but the amount of the company they own is a mystery to the public.

            The second theory is that Swift will move to another major record label, shaking the business side of the musical world. With the amount of Taylor’s success, anywhere she goes she will bring an immense raise in profit. However, if Taylor moves labels BMLG will lose a substantial amount of sales, as she is their front-liner.

            Lastly, some fans speculate that Swift will create her own record label. While this is probably the most unlikely, Swift obviously has the capital and resources needed to make this happen and it would be really interesting to see where her label went.

            Listen, I’m not the first to always defend Taylor, and say what you want about her and her Reputation, but this woman makes a TON of money and has immense power at her fingertips this November. If she decides to switch things up, the whole music industry will shift. “Call It What You Want” but this is Taylor’s “End Game,” so are you “…Ready for it?”