Crazy Rich Asians: Just How Crazy?


Julia Booth, Crazy Maybe Rich White Person

The movie “Crazy Rich Asians”, which came out just about two weeks ago, has quickly become
highly praised throughout the media, also obtaining a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. At the release
of this romantic comedy-drama film, it has acquired about $53 million at the box office.
The movie tells the story of an Asian-American woman, Rachel Chu, who follows her boyfriend,
Nick, to East Asia to attend his best friend’s wedding. Rachel finds out that her boyfriend,
comes from a “crazy rich” family and is considered one of the country's most eligible bachelors.
This attracts the jealousy and anger of many other characters. Along with the help of her quirky
friends, Goh Peik Lin and Kerry Chu, she tries to learn how to deal with this critical attention
and Nick’s disapproving mother.
Constance Wu, playing Rachel Chu, and Henry Golding, playing Nick Young, had the most screen
time and throughout this two-hour long movie, they were fully convincing that they were in
love. But overall, all of the actors provided an enjoyable experience for the audience, through
their shining portrayals of their characters.
Having seen all the trailers for this movie beforehand, I had an idea, going into the theater,
about what the movie would be like. However, the movie exceeded any expectations I had. My
favorite scene included Nick’s best friend’s wedding with a cover of the song “Can’t Help Falling
In Love” by Elvis Presley. This simple scene brought tears to my eyes and at this point I realized I
had fully fallen in love with the movie. I can’t think of any scene that I did not enjoy.
Not only did I learn from the story, a simple theme of overcoming one’s challenges, I also
furthered my understanding of how representation matters in Hollywood. “Crazy Rich Asians”
has received some of the most all around positive responses in the media through the
representation of an all Asian cast, where the audience can see, on the big screen, people who
look like them. Posts can be seen all over social media about the positive effects of accurate
representation coming from this brilliant movie.
I believe that everyone would enjoy this movie and the rating for it is PG-13. I would give the
movie an A+ for the quality story, acting, and message behind the movie. After watching this
movie, it left me with a warm, happy feeling.