Blakely Harrison: The Bigger Picture


Hayley Royal, Blakely's Biggest Fan

Blakely Harrison, a student at Houston High School, is known throughout the halls for her outstanding sense of style. Arriving everyday in some new combination of bold patterns and bright colors, Blakely has no “dress down” days (see pictures below). But, the student body is dying to know…who is this girl behind the fanciful fabric?

Despite popular belief, Blakely finds more significance in photos than just what outfit she posts on her Instagram. This summer, Blakley spent the entire summer at the Pratt Institute in New York City. There, she studied photography and practiced her skills throughout the big city. This experience helped her become certain that photography was the career field for her. She has now started her senior year of high school and is still studying digital and visual arts. She is constantly building her portfolios to send to colleges and universities (Spoiler: Her art and pictures are INCREDIBLE).

Along with her undeniable talent, Blakely’s motives for pursuing photography are admirable as well. Rather than focusing on how to best show off  her skills and abilities, Blakely’s main goal is to emphasize the beauty and joy in the people and things she photographs. She constantly strives to show off the best in humanity through pictures, just as she aims to model the best of her wardrobe to school daily.