Elementary Teachers Preparing for Tragedies

A sad reality.

Julia Booth, Journalist/Future Crossing Guard

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Walking into any elementary school, there are bound to be expressions of creativity and
affection along the walls. This might include colorful drawings or rhyming charts to teach
different subjects. Along with this, we are now in an era where one might walk into the school
and see different items for protection if a school shooting were to happen. These items may
include a lockdown window shade and posters with instructions on what to do in case of this
To not completely terrify young children, these teachers have begun to put a creative element
to safety. Pinterest and Etsy are covered in instructions of handmade lockdown shades. Many
teachers have posted their own examples with colorful patterns with bows or hearts attached.
Other teachers have shared their directions in a lock down drill, such as one that eerily says,
“lock down, lock down, lock the door, shut the lights off, say no more”. Buckets of treats have
also been used to keep students calm and quiet during lockdown drills. While teachers have put
an inviting and creative angle to these security measures, it also does not change the fact that
these treat buckets and lockdown curtains are for a terrifying reason.

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