The Tennis Courts’ Makeover

Get ready to grunt!


Blakely Harrison, Journalist/Wimbeldon Champion

Throughout the years of tennis, not much has changed. Sure, there has been some slight
variation in the wardrobe and overall appearances of the players (both male and female), but
there is one thing that has pretty much not changed about the sport, and that’s the courts.
There has been slight variety on color and texture, but overall tennis courts haven’t changed
much. This past year though, this has changed. In a few different cities (Miami, Chicago, New
York, Los Angeles, and Cincinnati) artist have begun to change the stereotypical tennis court to
a piece of art.
Some of the art pieces displayed on the courts includes designs with heart, geometric
shapes, comic-book lettering, and more. This project was “spearheaded by the United States
Tennis Association as part of a 50 th anniversary celebration of the U.S. Open.” The association
wanted to bring a bit more liveliness to a sport that has “a reputation for stuffiness and
adherence to rules.”
The five artist commissioned to create these designs were Justus Roe, KiiK Create (a duo
based in Miami) Sen2 Figueroa, and Charlie Edmiston. All the designs the artist used were bold,
graphic, and full of bright colors.
The courts will be used for lessons and recreational use but not for regulation games. A
tennis instructor from Highland Park, Jose Rodriguez, said that the designs and art work on the
courts helps him concentrate rather than distract him.
These courts seem to be the newest trend of 2018, and it seems like the graphic courts
are growing in popularity, bringing some fun to a typically more uptight game. The designed
courts seem to be a trend that will stick around.