Sixteen-year-old Girl Pushed Off a 50-foot-tall Bridge by her Friend

A careless night out turned terrifying.

Eman Habib, Journalist/Someone Who Would not Jump Off a Bridge Even if Everyone Else was Doing It

Taylor Smith is an 18-year-old girl who didn’t think one push would charge
her with one count of reckless endangerment. Sixteen-year-old Jordan Holgerson
was pushed off a 50-foot bridge by her friend Taylor Smith on August 8, 2018.
Holgerson and some of her friends drove to Moulton Falls Country Parks when
her friends decided to jump off a bridge and land in water. She decided to join
them. The video that captured the moment showed Holgerson hesitating before
jumping. The video showed Smith pushing Holgerson as she was having second
thoughts. Holgerson was obviously not ready to jump.
Jordan Holgerson endured many injuries. Six of her ribs were broken, a
punctured lung, trauma to her skin, and air bubbles in her chest were also some
of the injuries she experienced. She was taken to the hospital by some friends and
was released that Friday.
Smith didn’t mean any harm to her friend. She was simply trying to help her
conquer her fear. She apologized publicly on ABC news and accepted her charges.
She didn’t think before she did what she did. She didn’t think about what will
happen to her friend or how it might hurt her personally. People make mistakes
without knowing how it might affect them. Smith was unaware that what she did
could have killed her friend.