FDA Approves Generic Version of EpiPen, Giving Relief to Allergy Suffers’ Wallets

A major breakthrough!

FDA Approves Generic Version of EpiPen, Giving Relief to Allergy Suffers’ Wallets

Hayley Royal, Sneezing Journalist

Israel’s pharmaceutical company Teva has finally produced an answer to the demand for a cheaper option for epinephrine, the drug used to treat life-threatening allergic reactions. Last week, Teva received approval from the Food and Drug Administration for its new generic version of the drug. Because this new option is marked generic, people with allergies will now be able to purchase the drug at a significantly lower price.

Mylan, the company responsible for producing the only current option for a handheld epinephrine device (“EpiPen”), sells the life-saving medicine for over $600. Mylan’s EpiPen must be replaced every year due to the medicine’s expiration date, resulting in a very costly expense. This price grows even more for individuals with the most severe allergies as some need two separate doses of the drug to treat a reaction. Because hundreds of thousands of individuals in the US alone need access to the drug in case of emergency, Mylan had no difficulty in finding consumers, allowing them to hike up the cost more and more every year. Now, however, the presence of a new competitor may call for an end to the Mylan monopoly.

In addition to bringing financial reprieve for epinephrine users, the promise of Teva’s new drug eases other anxieties of current Mylan users. Ever since reports of ineffective EpiPens have surfaced, many allergy sufferers have worried about whether or not they could actually count on the supposed life-sparing device in their bag. With the upcoming emergence of Teva’s newly approved drug, individuals will be able to relax and feel certain that their only treatment option is a reliable one.

Although Teva has not yet announced exactly when the new drug will be available for purchase with prescription, people with life-threatening allergies in the US and around the world are anxiously awaiting a break for both their wallets and their peace of mind.